Jessie Erin is an artist and teacher in Central New York.  Here is here bio:

“As a child, my days were filled with figuring out ways to represent the world around me. I wanted to recreate everything. I once recall a man reporting on children’s reactions to entering kindergarten: “Are you scared to go?” he asked me. I was confused, why would I be scared to go to school when I was going to learn all about art. “I can’t wait to paint, color, and draw,” I answered. I thought art was the only subject taught and schools were giant studios filled with colorful materials for students to create with. I had a rude awakening when I learned I had to wait another 13 years before going to school for basing my entire education around art. When I finished high school I attended the State University at New Paltz, where I earned a masters degree of science in art education. I now teach art at Homer Elementary in Homer, New York. I consider myself to be a formalist. I am mostly interested in how the elements of design work together on a plane to create interesting results. I never know what a painting is going to look like. Letting the work unfold before me is the mystery that intrigues me.”


We needed to shoot her entire portfolio of enormous 8′ x 10′ paintings.  Over a three day shoot we felt with the erratic surfaces of her art along with lighting for different angles and mediums used in painting.  Later we created a Flash based website to house her portfolio.  She has hopes of using as a tool to tour the southwest during the sumer with her art.


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